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Slip & Fall Accidents | Weston, Florida

Are you suffering from a slip & fall accident injury? Weston Medical Health Center is Broward’s premier slip & fall accidents treatment center. Slip and fall accidents are very common and if left untreated, can develop into chronic pain and cause residual injuries. For example, a slip and fall accident that injures your right hip, causing you to put more weight the left side of your body could eventually lead to the need for hip replacement. If you are in the Weston, Florida and West Broward area, visit us at Weston Medical Health Center to treat your slip and fall injury today.

Our team of physicians and physical therapists are experienced in the many different types of injuries that result from accidents and slip and falls. They seem to happen at the most inopportune time and thus should be treated quickly. The sooner a slip and fall accident is treated, the less likely you are to suffer from chronic pain.

Don’t let slip and fall accidents impede upon your lifestyle. Call us at Weston Medical Health Center today.

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