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Weston Medical Health Center is proud to announce the “Stretch It Program” to our patients. One of the most common causes of injury is the absence of stretching. Before you start any physical work or routine, stretching is one of the first things anyone should do. We understand that most people need help with the proper technique and necessary time with injury preventing stretching.

Our Stretch It program provides an array of benefits for people of all ages. Stretching can fortify one’s posture by lengthening tight muscles and relieving aches and pains. When pain is reduced through stretching, there is a decreased likelihood to slouch.

Stretching also increases one’s stamina by loosening muscles and tendons which drives away fatigue while increasing blood flow. By improving your range of motion and releasing endorphins, you also improve your energy levels.

Good promotion of blood circulation also improves your overall health, cell growth and organ function. Your heart rate will also benefit as it will not have to work as hard and your blood pressure will be more consistent.

Improving one’s athletic performance is another added benefit of our Stretch It Program. Contracted muscles will be less effective during strenuous exercise and weight lifting. Consistent stretching will relax these strained muscles and allow you to be more efficient in your exercise.

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