Headaches & Migraines

migraine-symptomsIf you suffer from headaches you know all too well the common symptoms. Light sensitivity, nausea, sound sensitivity, and the never-ending pounding. That list can go on…

Headaches can control your life and often times are unpredictable. It’s worse for those that suffer from chronic migraines, or chronic tension headaches. They are the seventh most common reason for outpatient visits in the United States, and more than 90% experience some type of headache pain.

Weston Medical has a solution to those that suffer from these types of chronic migraine and headaches. It is the MiRx Protocol. This is a new treatment that utilizes a FDA cleared nasal applicator to target a nerve cluster in the nasal cavity. In seconds the treatment can stop migraine pain by neutralizing the nerve. It is effective on a variety of headache types but proper diagnosis is extremely important to ensure long term relief.

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Finding the Cause of Headaches and Migraines

People get headaches for all kinds of reasons; the most common headaches are mild and not life-threatening. However, sometimes headaches and migraines could be a sign of something greater such as disease, which could pose a threat to the body. This is why proper diagnosis is so important.


  • some migraine headaches may predispose you to a stroke
  • some headaches may be a sign of glaucoma
  • some headaches are the first sign of a growing brain tumor (rare)

With the large threat that some headaches may have on the body it is important to seek proper treatment to help you find a solution to the problem. If you know you suffer from migraines in particular then the above is too familiar, however at Weston Medical we will evaluate all aspects and utilize the MiRx Protocol to calm the headache and migraine symptoms to help us identify the cause.  Often times the pain can be distracting and prevents accurate diagnosis.  Its not that MiRx can eliminate the pain, but it is instrumental in identifying underlying causes of chronic head pain.

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