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Weston Chiropractic Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy located in Weston, Florida

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At Weston Medical Health Center, we practice medicine because we care. We are a practice that understands the importance of your health… and the importance of the quality of your medical care. This is why we dedicate ourselves to raising the bar, going further and being proactive in practicing the most innovative medical technologies and procedures. We are a multidisciplinary medical center that can provide focused care for all your health and wellness needs, plus a whole lot more. We have a broad array of services and specialties not commonly found in one practice. This enables us to handle most health concerns in our office, making your care more convenient, affordable, comfortable and efficient. Our team is made up of physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. We are dedicated to giving you the same level of personalized, attentive care we expect for our own families.  You’ll be treated with kindness, honesty and respect as we partner with you to ensure you get results to be in your best health. 


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Back Pain Treatment

Weston Medical has an extremely high success rate in relieving back pain and preventing back surgery. Take action with our back pain treatment program and you will be returning to normal activities ASAP. Our clinic has a unique ability to provide all the x-ray imaging and treatment options within one office. Our team of pain specialists will provide you with effective, lasting pain relief.

Knee Pain Treatment

Our knee pain treatment plan consists of a balance of injection based procedures, and physical therapy. This program reduces pain and works to prevent surgery by injecting natural lubricating supplements into the knee joint. Then we tailor a rehabilitation program to increase mobility and strength. These two components significantly reduce knee pain and alleviate related symptoms.

Advanced Isolated Stretching

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Stretching benefits patients by improving body movement and initializing the healing process to control chronic pain while we are using advanced stretching techniques meant to help you enjoy an active lifestyle again. Advanced Isolated Stretching is also great to prevent sports injuries and serves as a primary sports injury rehabilitation technique. No Prescription or Referral Required. Some benefits include: Increased Agility, Reduced Joint Stiffness, Improved Function, Improved Mobility, Increased Flexibility, Improved Sleep Patterns

Auto Accident Injuries - Weston, Florida

As pain specialists that focus on musculoskeletal injuries and conditions we are experienced with auto injury patients that need fast pain relief but also a comprehensive diagnosis to receive maximum compensation. We offer same day appointments and can work with your attorney and insurance company. If you suffer an accident be sure to call the experts at Weston Medical.