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At Weston Medical Health Center, we practice medicine because we care. We are a practice that understands the importance of your health and the importance of the quality of your medical care. This is why we dedicate ourselves to raising the bar, going further and being proactive in practicing the most innovative medical technologies and procedures.

Next Generation in Healthcare


The Next Generation in Healthcare

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Our Founder and Chiropractor, Dr. Spoonhour, uses hands-on spinal manipulation, adjustments and spinal decompression therapy to bring your body’s musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment.


Sports Medicine

If you’ve suffered a recent sports-related injury or simply have recurring pain from an old pick up basketball game, let Weston Medical Health Center be your go-to solution for all things sports medicine.


Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists work closely with doctors to help diagnose and treat health-related conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit the ability of and individual to move and perform functional activities.


Conditions We Treat

You’ll be treated with kindness, honesty and respect as we partner with you to ensure you get results to be in your best health.

Back Pain Treatment

The care plan from our Weston Medical Health Center team works to restore function to the spinal joints to relieve the muscles from the splinting cycle.  The most effective treatment for this is Spinal Decompression Therapy.  This therapy relieves pressure on the disk to allow the body to heal naturally.  Once the nervous system and muscles calm down your pain will begin to subside. Far too many sufferers of back pain are quick to accept the use of medications and/or surgery as the only options, without considering other less invasive and less traumatic back pain treatments. This approach to back pain and proper care from our Florida medical team has created life changing results for hundreds, who now live free of back pain yet never having to undergo back surgery.

At Weston Medical Health Center our mission is simple to get you out of pain as quick as possible.  Then provide therapeutic care to prevent the pain from returning by incorporating all the amenities available. As one of the leading pain management medical clinics in Florida we are able to provide care from medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist from one location.  This gives our patients the benefit of multidisciplinary care plans with a whole body approach to provide lasting pain relief.

spinal stenosis

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a very common occurrence in today’s society; many of us spend hours a day hunched over a computer or work station. This can raise the shoulders out of alignment and over time create muscular imbalances which lead to neck and shoulder pain. To complicate this most of the population’s posture is off due to the constant imbalances placed on the body through our daily routine. Wear and tear arthritis can also become a common cause of neck pain.

Neck pain can start off minor but if not properly treated it may develop in a more serious condition, symptoms of shooting pain may arise overtime. In some cases numbness and loss of strength or in hands and arms can develop.


Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain is a common frustration that can affect people of all ages. The most common knee injury, Osteoarthritis, can develop from wear and tear, old injuries and overuse of your knees. This is basically degeneration of the soft knee joint cartilage. At Weston Medical Health Center, we can treat your knee injuries and relieve your pain through injections, physical therapy, braces and orthotics.


Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain Treatment

Shoulder, arm and hand pain can be a problem for many patients which generally stems from a multitude of conditions. Pain in the shoulders can be due to many dysfunctions including rotator cuff abnormalities and inflammatory pain. Arm and hand pain might be due to muscle spasm and joint arthritis. Our pain experts understand your painful conditions. At Weston Medical Health Center, we provide diagnostic testing to properly assess what the cause of the pain is and then provide proper treatment options for the patient.


Arthritis Pain Treatment

Treatment of arthritis generally includes rest, physical therapy, exercise, medications, and sometimes surgery to correct joint damage. Treatments for osteoarthritis generally can help relieve pain and stiffness, but the disease may continue to progress. Protecting your joints is an important part of arthritis treatment.

Arthritis treatment will depend on the nature and seriousness of the underlying condition. The main goals are to reduce inflammation and improve the function of affected joints before more serious problems occur. In addition to treatments at Weston Medical Health Center, we recommended you use dry heat from a heating pad or moist heat in the form of a hot bath or a hot-water bottle wrapped in a towel to help relieve pain and stiffness. Heat and rest are very effective in the short run for most people with the disease. Regular exercise is also important to keep the joints mobile.


We can help!

Injured in a Car Accident?

If you have been involved and injured in an auto accident, symptoms can arise immediately following or a few days after. These can be ranging from lower back pain, upper back pain, pinched nerves, sprains, or neck/spine injuries (commonly referred to as whiplash). Weston Medical Health Center works with our patients to find the source of the auto injury pain. We make an effort to have appointment priorities for acutely injured patients.

Let us help you!

Suffered an Injury at Work?

Suffering with a work injury can be quite the burden, often times a work injury will involve the spine, neck or head. Yearly, around 200 workers in the United States are hospitalized due to occupational injuries. Weston Medical Health Center can help you rehabilitate after an injury or help you avoid hospitalization. Our clinic offers many solutions that can be personalized for each patient.


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Our team is ready to help you from the moment you decide to make an appointment to the end of your sessions. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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Happy and Satisfied Patients

At Weston Medical Health Center, we pride ourselves on treating our patients with kindness, honesty and respect as we partner with you to ensure you get the results you need to be in your best health.

I had this pain on my hands and my neck for almost 10 years. I saw multiple doctors and specialists, but they could not find a remedy for the pain. After visiting Weston Medical Health Center (Dr.Spoonhour), in a matter of days, they were able to alleviate my pain. I highly recommend this place!

Ingrid R.

Great service, great staff, awesome at following up and explaining every single detail of the treatment I needed. Beautiful facilities, really good coffee and very convenient location. Thank you Dr. Spoonhour, Vicky, Mauricio, Stephanie & the rest of the staff for such a great experience!!!

Maria L.

I have been a patient with Weston Medical Center for about more than a year s/p slip and fall at home. The services here are excellent, and the doctors, therapy staff as well as the front desk the staff here really do care about the patients. I get the feel of walking to a second home on arrival there. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.

Annie M.

I enter dr Spoonhour’s office in chronic pain, and walk out on cloud 9. He’s a miracle worker with the magic touch. Therapy with him and his staff has truly changed my life. Thankyou Weston medical health center!

Keely T.

I was so satisfied. They have a very friendly staff. Dr. Spoonhour is very knowledgeable and was able to take away my pain. I recommend Weston Medical Health Center without reservation.

Gigi C.

I have been a patient of Weston Medical Health Center for over 10 years they are always professional attentive and listen to my health concerns and needs. I would recommend them to anyone as well as my family members who also visit Dr. Dennis Spoonhour.

Bob S.

My 1st visit was exponentially amazing. The office was extremely clean and the staff was very very profession. They also made me feel welcome and at home and gave me confidence that my experience would be positive.

Alfred B.

My experience with Weston Medical Health Center has been outstanding! Dr. Dennis Spoonhour and his staff strive to make each patients experience a great one. I have personally endured multiple vehicle accidents as well as injury from exercising. I look forward to treatments and have benefited greatly. I would recommend Dr. Spoonhour to all of my family, friends, etc!

Cristina G.

The best facility I've been to for treatment. Dr. Spoonhour and his team is doing an excellent job.I can't ask for a better team. Keep up the good work!

Anita N.

I’m glad I chose Weston Medical. Great experience every time I go. Not only everybody is polite and caring but the treatment actually works. My pain is already going away!

Ana S.

Came in with extreme shoulder pain, I couldn't move or get dressed. I was diagnosed quickly and put into PT with Dr Aboud, and only a week later I'm 90% better. I lived with back pain for over 6 years thinking I could never get better but Spoonhour got me on a treatment plan and now I've been pain free for over a year. Always very happy with how I'm treated at WMHC!

Cara K.

Dr. Spoonhour and his team of miracle workers are nothing short of everything a medical practice should be. They are compassionate, dedicated to their patients, and really make your journey through pain a more bearable one, not to mention extremely detailed and capable!! Not only are they thorough in their due diligence (something hard to find within the profession) but they are also overall amazing people to work with. My day was always made better by Dr. Spoonhour and Mauricio. I’d recommend it to anyone who asks with my eyes closed!

Paola L.

Dr Spoonhour is extremely professional his staff is very caring and the technology that they use to help you is state of the art. I’m truly thankful that I have them to help me along after my injury.


I have always had a good experience with doctor spoonhour. Wherever I have a problem he seems to fix it. He is one of the best chiropractors that I have used. I have recommended several people and they have continued to use him as well

Rita C.

If you're someone like me who thought all chiropractors just mess people up and make things worse, you have to go see Dr. Spoonhour! He really cares and listens to diagnose the cause of your pain. I've been to his office twice now and the experience is great. Very friendly staff and there's basically no wait time! I would highly recommend!!!

Drew H.