Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center whiplash treatment specialists know their job still isn’t complete after they’ve surveyed the neck tissue damage after say an automobile accident or a nasty fall. While their care providers take prompt action in treating neck stiffness, Weston Medical Health Center Doctor Dennis Spoonhour maintains that the issue can stretch from head-to-toe.

“From what we’ve seen from the many, many patients who we’ve successfully treated, patients may also experience dizziness, headache, numbness, loss of strength and blurred vision as well as arm and/or shoulder pain,” Dr. Spoonhour said. “Not only that, some symptoms don’t even show themselves until later.”

Exhaustive studies have shown that any trauma to the spine can cause misalignment – even though spinal distress can often occur without pain or symptoms. The good news is your chiropractic healthcare pro can take progressive steps to relieve immediate discomfort, yet also restore healthy spinal cord function and balance to prevent future problems.

“We are highly trained and experienced in breaking down scar tissue and removing nerve interference to increase circulation to enhance healing and reduce inflammation,” Dr. Spoonhour said. “Research has strongly suggested, time and time again, that chiropractic treatment can eliminate or reduce joint pain and restore normal range of motion – that is so very important.”

Weston Medical Health Center is the premier choice in South Florida for treatment of patients who have been in accidents and can address those key issues, which may surface at the head and neck or in your core.

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