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Since its founding in 2003, Weston Medical Health Center has been providing its patients with the most innovative medical technologies, procedures and more.



Our Founder and Chiropractor, Dr. Spoonhour, uses hands-on spinal manipulation, adjustments and spinal decompression therapy to bring your body’s musculorskeletal structure into proper alignment.


Sports Medicine

Our certified resident sports medicine physician, Dr. Erik Kuyn is experienced in treating sports injuries from the USTA to the NBA and NFL, you can be sure Dr. Kuyn has the knowledge to treat you with care the first time.


Physical Therapy

Weston Medical Health Center’s has a fully equipped physical therapy gym that provides our patients with all the needed physical therapy amenities allowing us to provide the highest quality therapeutic rehabilitation for our patients on site.


Non-Surgical Orthopedics

Weston Medical Health Center believes in using non-surgical and minimally invasive orthopedic treatments to address musculorskeletal conditions that are limiting our patients’ activity and quality of life.


Hako-Med Therapy

Hako-Med is the latest breakthrough in the science of electro-medicine and the most advanced and effective form of bioelectric treatment available to date. It is a new, very specialized form of pain therapy that uses bioelectricity for pain management.


PEMF Therapy

Used worldwide, and as a standard therapy in Europe for decades, PEMF is the targeted application of penetrating electromagnetic energy delivered in billionths-of-a-second pulses to support the innate healing functions that keep you well.

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Injection Based Procedures

Weston Medical Health Center offers a variety of minimally-invasive injection based procedures to help reduce pain, improve joint and muscle movement, and allow you to live a better quality of life.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works to reduce and eliminate stresses, by reducing tension in the muscles, increasing blood flow, allowing greater flexibility, and working out muscle impingement and sore knots.


Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is vital to the basic management of patient care, allowing physicians to detect disease earlier, make diagnoses, prescribe therapies, and monitor patient progress.

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Chiropractic Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Care

The Multidisciplinary approach that Weston Medical Health Center uses is the foundation of our pain management programs and the reason why so many of our patients have successfully achieved pain relief.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

I had this pain on my hands and my neck for almost 10 years. I saw multiple doctors and specialists, but they could not find a remedy for the pain. After visiting Weston Medical Health Center (Dr.Spoonhour), in a matter of days, they were able to alleviate my pain. I highly recommend this place!

Ingrid R.

Great service, great staff, awesome at following up and explaining every single detail of the treatment I needed. Beautiful facilities, really good coffee and very convenient location. Thank you Dr. Spoonhour, Vicky, Mauricio, Stephanie & the rest of the staff for such a great experience!!!

Maria L.

I have been a patient with Weston Medical Center for about more than a year s/p slip and fall at home. The services here are excellent, and the doctors, therapy staff as well as the front desk the staff here really do care about the patients. I get the feel of walking to a second home on arrival there. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.

Annie M.

I enter dr Spoonhour’s office in chronic pain, and walk out on cloud 9. He’s a miracle worker with the magic touch. Therapy with him and his staff has truly changed my life. Thankyou Weston medical health center!

Keely T.

I was so satisfied. They have a very friendly staff. Dr. Spoonhour is very knowledgeable and was able to take away my pain. I recommend Weston Medical Health Center without reservation.

Gigi C.

I have been a patient of Weston Medical Health Center for over 10 years they are always professional attentive and listen to my health concerns and needs. I would recommend them to anyone as well as my family members who also visit Dr. Dennis Spoonhour.

Bob S.

My 1st visit was exponentially amazing. The office was extremely clean and the staff was very very profession. They also made me feel welcome and at home and gave me confidence that my experience would be positive.

Alfred B.

My experience with Weston Medical Health Center has been outstanding! Dr. Dennis Spoonhour and his staff strive to make each patients experience a great one. I have personally endured multiple vehicle accidents as well as injury from exercising. I look forward to treatments and have benefited greatly. I would recommend Dr. Spoonhour to all of my family, friends, etc!

Cristina G.

The best facility I've been to for treatment. Dr. Spoonhour and his team is doing an excellent job.I can't ask for a better team. Keep up the good work!

Anita N.

I’m glad I chose Weston Medical. Great experience every time I go. Not only everybody is polite and caring but the treatment actually works. My pain is already going away!

Ana S.

Came in with extreme shoulder pain, I couldn't move or get dressed. I was diagnosed quickly and put into PT with Dr Aboud, and only a week later I'm 90% better. I lived with back pain for over 6 years thinking I could never get better but Spoonhour got me on a treatment plan and now I've been pain free for over a year. Always very happy with how I'm treated at WMHC!

Cara K.

Dr. Spoonhour and his team of miracle workers are nothing short of everything a medical practice should be. They are compassionate, dedicated to their patients, and really make your journey through pain a more bearable one, not to mention extremely detailed and capable!! Not only are they thorough in their due diligence (something hard to find within the profession) but they are also overall amazing people to work with. My day was always made better by Dr. Spoonhour and Mauricio. I’d recommend it to anyone who asks with my eyes closed!

Paola L.

Dr Spoonhour is extremely professional his staff is very caring and the technology that they use to help you is state of the art. I’m truly thankful that I have them to help me along after my injury.


I have always had a good experience with doctor spoonhour. Wherever I have a problem he seems to fix it. He is one of the best chiropractors that I have used. I have recommended several people and they have continued to use him as well

Rita C.

If you're someone like me who thought all chiropractors just mess people up and make things worse, you have to go see Dr. Spoonhour! He really cares and listens to diagnose the cause of your pain. I've been to his office twice now and the experience is great. Very friendly staff and there's basically no wait time! I would highly recommend!!!

Drew H.

After a severe car accident, I was referred by the Cleveland Clinic to Weston Medical Health Center. On the 3rd day I was feeling horrible , my head, neck, and back were on pain and the worse I was very dizzy. From the moment I started my therapies with WMHC, the relief and symptoms have improved by 80% in only 2 weeks. The staff is very professional and make you feel very comfortable . I am very happy with the result.

Emma Z.