If the body ever becomes imbalanced, restoration of proper chemistry is critical to a strong immune system and optimal health. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is essentially an effort to reestablish homeostasis in the body. In this treatment, the patient breathes pure oxygen in a chamber that has been pressurized up to 200% more than normal, giving the body access to three times the oxygen it would receive in a single breath.

According to the Mayo Clinic, hyperbaric medicine has been trusted for years by physicians around the world, for the treatment of numerous disorders. It has been used to treat decompression sickness (commonly called “the bends”) in scuba divers, dangerous infections, air bubbles in the blood, and long-lasting wounds stemming from radiation injury or diabetes.

Treatments with oxygen can give the body a serious boost. Many people treated with this therapy are not interested in curing an illness but simply wanting to benefit from the incredible anti-aging properties claimed by its proponents. As an element of sports wellness, athletes use it to take advantage of an all-natural treatment with no common side effects.

Oxygen in a controlled environment

A primary advantage of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it is administered by medical professionals in a controlled and monitored healthcare environment (as opposed to oxygen bars, which have been a concern to medical practitioners due to their unscientific standards). If used responsibly, the treatment can be a safe and effective way to energize the body. Healing is also generally promoted: as the blood delivers the additional oxygen to all corners of the body, stem cells and growth factors are released.

Medical vs. athletic use

As a medical treatment, hyperbaric medicine assists damaged tissues in the body so that they receive substantial oxygen in order to function properly. By increasing the air pressure, the therapy allows your blood to carry additional oxygen, for a temporary restoration of normal blood gases and tissue function; in turn, your body is better poised to fend off infection and heal itself.

As mentioned above, this therapy is not just for the sick or wounded. A famous instance of the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sports wellness was by Michael Phelps in 2011 and 2012, in order to expedite his recovery from daily workouts by stimulating altitude in preparation for the London Olympics.

Finding a responsible practitioner

As with any healthcare treatment, finding a high-quality practitioner will ensure that therapy is conducted responsibly and effectively. At Weston Medical, we believe strongly in the value of hyperbaric medicine – including for many conditions that are still categorized as investigational by the FDA, even after decades of reported benefits. Contact us today to get started.

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