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Whiplash: Weston Medical Health Center Braces its Patients for Successful Rehab

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center whiplash treatment specialists know their job still isn’t complete after they’ve surveyed the neck tissue damage after say an automobile accident or a nasty fall. While their care providers take prompt action in treating neck stiffness, Weston Medical Health Center Doctor Dennis Spoonhour maintains that the issue can

weston physical therapy

Injured on the Job? Weston Medical Health Center Will Get You Back to Work

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center multi-specialty healthcare professionals know their friends and neighbors have no time to get hurt on the job. For now approaching 14 years, these dedicated care providers have brought their outstanding diagnostics and skill set to provide the required relief. “Workers who unfortunately get hit with on-the-job injuries are

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Whiplash Treatment: Weston Medical Health Center Head & Shoulders Above

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center healthcare professionals treat hundreds of whiplash victims each and every year – and what they’ve learned first and foremost is that your neck is simply not designed to easily handle sudden “snap” movements. “Our team has seen more than their fair share of whiplash victims, ranging from the

Weston Medical Health Center Doctor Warns Against Year-Round Sports

So your young athlete is preparing to do one sport year-round? Weston Medical Sports Medicine physician, Dr. Erik Kuyn, MD, though, says “not so fast my friends.” “It sometimes boggles your mind about what’s going on,” Dr. Erik Kuyn says. “We’re talking about 11 & 12 year olds that are coming in for overuse issues,

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Accident Victims Finding out the Hard Way About Florida 14-Day Law

Estimated 75% of victims are not aware of law Weston, FL – It’s been more than three years ago that the Florida Senate passed a 14-day rule that has had a huge impact on motorists injured in an automobile accident. The bill mandated individuals seeking medical benefits – be required to receive initial services and

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Weston Medical Health Center is Hip to Helping Patients Strike Back at their Arthritis.

Weston, FL – The older we get here in South Florida, the more likely we are to develop arthritis from our active lifestyles. While not promising the “Fountain of Youth,” Weston Medical Health Center professionals have years of experience in helping keeping their patients function well past what most people might hope to. “If you’ve

Health Center Weston Medical Therapists “Grab a Tissue” with Effective Myofascial Release

Weston, FL – Ah…those Weston Medical Health Center therapists with the magic hands – aimed at pulling the trigger on your muscle pain and discomfort. At issue are myofascial tissues that require their freedom for proper healing. “Our massage therapists and physical therapists find the trigger points in the treatment of your acute and chronic

Use Weston Medical Health Center for Tennis Elbow – Just “Be-Cause”

Weston Medical Health Center – Chiropractic Care the Very Best at “Lending at Hand” In South Florida – where we love to play tennis year-round and its par for the course for golfers to regularly find the links – Weston Medical Health Center rehabilitation professionals know the precise link to keep you in the game.

Weston Medical Health Center Becoming the “Joint” for Pain & Discomfort

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center health professionals learned long ago that treating symptoms of joint pain is never the answer here in South Florida. Working to restore a better range of motion often IS the way to strike at the root of the problem. “Lots of injuries or discomfort for joints can be

Weston Medical Health Center Doctors Help Prevent Rotator Cuff Surgery

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center healthcare professionals say “hold the phone” before you or a loved one agrees to go under the knife for rotator cuff surgery. “We’ve successfully treated many people who were made to believe that it was essential for them to have an invasive rotator cuff surgery,” Weston Medical Health