When we’re trying to achieve weight loss, one of the first things we need to examine is the types of foods we are eating (1). Foods that are high in sugar should of course be minimized. That includes complex carbohydrates, such as pasta and bread (2). It also includes “simple sugars,” such as table sugar, and synthetic sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup.

Bear in mind, sugar is an essential component of optimal health – in fact, of life itself. Cellular metabolism cannot take place without sugar. Through the metabolic process, cells generate energy. A diet to cut down on sugar is necessary, though, in a society where we consume it in excess. Beyond weight problems, type 2 diabetes and tooth deterioration are both associated with overabundance of sugar in the body.

The first step in developing a personal wellness and fitness strategy is understanding what needs to be changed. Because sugar hides in many foods, you may need to avoid elements of your diet that don’t initially seem problematic.

What’s the point of table sugar or high fructose corn syrup?

The sugars that are added to sweets, breakfast cereals, spaghetti sauce, canned fruit, and just about any processed food do not serve the same healthy function as the sugars in complex carbohydrates do. In fact, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), refined sugars contribute nothing toward nutrition, and their impact toward weight damages coronary health.

These sugars are dangerous, according to the AHA and nutrition experts. As a general guideline, it’s ill-advised for adults to eat over 13 teaspoons daily. The below information, rounded to the nearest teaspoon, will give you a sense of how much sugar is in common foods. This data will make it easier for you to craft a low-sugar diet.

1. Candy bars: A regular bar made of milk chocolate contains “only” 6 teaspoons, while a Milky Way has 9 teaspoons. In the middle is Snickers, with 7 teaspoons.

2. Soda: A typical cola contains 7 teaspoons, while Red Bull outdoes the competition slightly with 8 teaspoons. Lemonade is close behind at 6 teaspoons.

3. Cereal: There is a wide range of sugar quantities in cereals, as you can imagine. Froot Loops contains more than 100 times as much sugar as Shredded Wheat. While Froot Loops contains 11 teaspoons, Cheerios contains 1 teaspoon, and Shredded Wheat has only one-tenth of a teaspoon.

Beyond sugar: a lasting weight-loss solution

Weight loss plans can often fail because they are not comprehensive and/or are not designed for sustainability. At Weston Medical, we optimize success by approaching weight from three different angles: physical, medical, and nutritional. Get your free consultation today.


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(2) http://www.mynetdiary.com/carbs-in-weight-loss.html


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