Weston, FL – We know South Florida residents are among the most active in the country and thankfully, when they experience knee pain, they know they have “a leg up” when they choose the specialists at Weston Medical Health Center.

Runners have had to brace themselves for the wear and tear of osteoarthritis – yet, because of the numerous treatment options at Weston Medical Health, they can know confidently that their passion can still be fed.

“We are most cognizant of the importance of running for their physical – and mental well-being,” says Weston Medical’s owner, Dr. Dennis Spoonhour. “Many runners coming to us have felt powerless in knowing what their next step is, yet because of things like our Intra Articular Joint Program, they can find the spring back in their step.”

Weston Medical’s tried and true multi-disciplinary approach can often return runners to their world – knee pain may be reduced or possibly eliminated – without a lifetime dependency on oral medications.

Our highly trained physical medicine and sports medicine doctors – often runners themselves, have a host of questions for runners to consider:

  1. Are your knees very stiff in the morning?
  2. Do your knees hurt when going up and down stairs?
  3. Do you frequently take ibuprofen or aspirin for knee discomfort?
  4. Do the activities you enjoy cause discomfort around your knees?
  5. Have you been told that you need knee replacement surgery?

Our center houses the program which is clinically proven, non-surgical and routinely produces above-average outcomes. Moreover, it helps delay or eliminate the need for costly and very uncomfortable knee replacement surgery!

This all natural FDA approved hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in the knee. Injections are visually guided by a live motion x-ray unit (Fluoroscope) to ensure minimal discomfort and maximal injection accuracy. The personalized physical therapy program enhances the lubricating and shock absorbing effect of the hyalonic acid injections. Our onsite, licensed physical therapist works with each patient individually.

Of course, this treatment is not limited only to runners. Others who wish to get back in the game for many other activities can find out more about this exciting development. For those seeking more information about this, or other innovative Weston Medical Health technologies, please do not hesitate to call us at: 954.888.6650, or complete the online appointment form.

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