Weston,  FL – Your back pain is aching – and it gave out when you bent down to pick up your car keys of all things, a very basic activity.  How could that happen? It may be something called “Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.” With its many years of core expertise, Weston Medical Health Center has your back.

“The sacroiliac (SI) joints are between the two pelvic (Iliac) bones, which join on to the sacrum, forming the two SI joints,” Weston Medical Health Center’s Dr. Dennis Spoonhour said. “They were created to handle large bodily stresses, yet over time, continued stress takes its toll.  So, sometimes, even the most basic movements (like to pick up something, like a utensil) can bring on the painful symptoms.”

The SI joints play a key role as they integrate movement between the upper body and the lower part of the body. The list below helps to spell out the signs and symptoms of an SI Joint Sprain.

  1. Lying down eases pain.
  2. Increased weight bearing, like standing on one leg, increases the pain.
  3. It hurts more when you are bending forward or sitting.
  4. Pain often worsens after a twist or a lift.
  5. When you feel pain into the front of the thigh and groin, as well as the back of the leg.
  6. Pain into the buttocks, as well as on one or both sides over the joints.

Dr. Spoonhour says  Weston Medical Health Center practitioners provide “backup” from there.

If  you are experiencing this type of back pain, the Multispecialty facility at Weston Medical Health Center can help restore the order of your spine.  Please call 954.888.6650 to schedule an appointment or if you have questions.  You may also complete our easy  to complete patient form.   

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