Estimated 75% of victims are not aware of law

Weston, FL – It’s been more than three years ago that the Florida Senate passed a 14-day rule that has had a huge impact on motorists injured in an automobile accident. The bill mandated individuals seeking medical benefits – be required to receive initial services and care within 14 days after the motor vehicle accident. Yet, because those injured have not been aware of this legislation, many of them forced to foot the bill.

“Last fall, as I was driving, I was broad-sided by another vehicle. Initially, I did notice some neck pain but I figured I could “tough it out,’” accident victim Jackie S. said. “Then, a couple of weeks later (after the 14-day law expired), my lower back really began hurting.” That’s when she sought treatment at Weston Medical Health Center.

As a multi-specialty healthcare facility, Weston Medical Health Center – equipped with physical medicine doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists – has cared for hundreds of accident victims throughout their some 14 years of medical care. Yet, Dr. Dennis Spoonhour says that the state requirement has left many of his patients in an uncomfortable state and he urges motorists to get checked as soon as possible.

It’s not uncommon for those hurt in a wreck to initially bypass medical attention, thinking that a little bit of pain will soon subside in the following days. Additionally, Spoonhour says because of “the adrenaline rush after the collision, they may not feel the full effect. But the accident may possibly aggravate an old injury and symptoms may take a while to show themselves.”

We do want to educate motorists that it is in their best interest to take prompt action for accurate diagnosis and treatment, as well as meet the requirements of their insurance provider – otherwise, it could be a really big hit financially,” Spoonhour says.

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