Weston, FL – The older we get here in South Florida, the more likely we are to develop arthritis from our active lifestyles.

While not promising the “Fountain of Youth,” Weston Medical Health Center professionals have years of experience in helping keeping their patients function well past what most people might hope to.

“If you’ve had trauma to the hip joint before, like a fracture or a dislocation, it will make that joint older than the rest of your body,” said Dr. Erik Kuyn, a Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation physician at Weston Medical Health System. “Yet, you can actually get osteoarthritis even if you don’t have any risk factors.”

Rehabilitation specialists at Weston maintain the goal of preserving the joint as long as possible and work tirelessly to avoid surgery, if at all possible. They say that it is often very important to include an examination of the back, knee, ankle and foot because each of these areas can influence a hip problem. This will present a more accurate view of the severity of the problem.

“We work to reduce inflammation and improve movement of the joint,” Dr. Kuyn said. “It’s motion, motion, motion – while incorporating exercises to make the muscles around the joint stronger.”

Weston Medical Health Center professionals have helped many South Floridians take charge of their arthritic health while guarding against unnecessary costly and painful surgeries. If you, or someone you care about is experiencing a painful hip, please call our health care providers at 954.888.6650 to schedule a consultation. You may also complete our easy online appointment form and schedule a time to help get you back in the game.

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