In 1985, Exxon Mobil was the largest company in the world based on revenues. It was followed by General Motors, Ford, Texaco and IBM. While most of these companies are still very large today a company that wasn’t even on that list tops them all. How is that possible? How in a 30 year time span can Walmart top every single company? How can 1 man’s vision (Sam Walton) top huge multi-billion dollar companies?

If you have ever walked into Walmart (which I’m pretty sure most have) you would see that they have everything under one roof. From tires to toys. From eye doctors to picture frames. It is “multi-speciality”. Our vision at Weston Medical Health Center is to be like Walmart in that we strive to have everything conveniently located for you under one roof. From chiropractic care to physical therapy. From massage therapy to surgical interventions and everything in between. Who knows maybe in 30 years we will topping the Forbes 500 list!!!!

Tired of going to office to office for your care? Schedule an appointment for convenient, affordable and comfortable care with our team of Doctors at 954-888-6650!

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