Weston Medical Health Center – Chiropractic Care the Very Best at “Lending at Hand”

In South Florida – where we love to play tennis year-round and its par for the course for golfers to regularly find the links – Weston Medical Health Center rehabilitation professionals know the precise link to keep you in the game.

“So many times tennis players or golfers who develop elbow pain from swinging the racket or club take over-the-counter remedies to mask their discomfort,” Dr. Dennis Spoonhour said. “Yet, often what is most needed is some R & R – realignment and rest.”

Spoonhour noted that hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck joints that are not aligned with bones will not function to their optimum potential and require adjustment.
“I can guarantee a slow recovery for those who don’t get the adjustment that they need – because it’s very difficult for the area to heal if it is out of alignment.”

Symptoms will often include elbow and forearm pain – the more severe cases, even shooting pain in the hands and neck. And tennis players and golfers will also regularly find that their grip on a racket or club will be less.

The good news is Weston Medical Health Care providers know the cause or root of the problem and have a wealth of resources at their disposal to treat your symptoms in a healthy fashion.

If you are having a difficult time “getting a grip” with your hurting elbow, call the experienced and caring staff at Weston Medical Health Center. We’ll strike back at your pain, where it hurts! Call 954.888.6650 to schedule an appointment or complete the easy form on the website.

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