Weston, FL – Ah…those Weston Medical Health Center therapists with the magic hands – aimed at pulling the trigger on your muscle pain and discomfort. At issue are myofascial tissues that require their freedom for proper healing.

“Our massage therapists and physical therapists find the trigger points in the treatment of your acute and chronic pain,” Dr. Dennis Spoonhour said. “This type of care relieves soft tissue restrictions that cause your discomfort.”

Many applications for myofascial therapy exist for effective tissue treatment. Often, recipients respond well with treatment after they’ve lost flexibility or function following injury and/or are experiencing ongoing back, shoulder or hip pain where there is soft tissue.

Experts describe “fascia” as a three-dimensional web that runs through the entire body. It is viewed as a layer of connective tissue (much like a tendon or ligament) that starts with the top layer directly under the skin and extends to two deeper layers.

It is comprised of:

  • Superficial fascia, directly underneath the skin, stores both fat and water. Nerves run through it and allow muscle to move the skin.
  • Deep fascia surrounds and infuses with muscle, bone, nerves and blood vessels at the cellular level.
  • Deepest fascia, which covers the brain and the spinal cord.

Dr. Spoonhour says the Weston Medical Health Center team regularly puts the squeeze on those muscles in need of relief. If you or someone you know could benefit by a Weston Medical Health Center myofascial release, call 954.888.6650 or fill out the easy, online appointment form and take charge of your health!

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