Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center health professionals learned long ago that treating symptoms of joint pain is never the answer here in South Florida. Working to restore a better range of motion often IS the way to strike at the root of the problem.

“Lots of injuries or discomfort for joints can be treated naturally – and without surgery,” Weston Medical Health Center Dr. Dennis Spoonhour said. “Instead of only prescribing some anti-inflammatory medications to mask the problem – we work to try and heal the soft tissue that is around the painful area. We’ve found this approach to be far more successful in the long run.

Joints connect bones and permit proper movement and function. When joints are not working their best, muscles and ligaments can’t function well, either.

Three factors impact joint function.

  1. Mechanical-A big car crash or a repetitive use injury often lead to joint damage.
  2. Chemical-If your diet is poor, your joints are more likely to swell and be prone to more injury.
  3. Mental-This is apparent when people are under stress. They will get headaches, back pain, neck pain or stomach discomfort.

Weston Medical Health Center has treated the joint ailments of its many friends and neighbors in West Broward county for more than 13 years now. WMHC offers a broad array of services and specialties rarely found under one roof. This enables our multispecialty facility to care for you conveniently, affordably, comfortably and efficiently. Our team of physicians includes Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Chiropractic. Other key allied health professionals are physical therapists and massage therapists.

If you have joint discomfort, or have any other muscle/skeletal issue, please do give us a call at 954.888.6650 to discuss it and perhaps schedule a consultation with our highly trained staff. Or, fill out the easy online registration form to schedule an evaluation.

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