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What Is Compression Therapy?

These compression boots by Speed Hound are made for relaxing. Put on a pair of our Compression Boots for the ultimate compression recovery session. Athletes swear by compression therapy, which increases mobility & recovery time, reduces swelling and inflammation, helps to prevent soreness, and even increases your blood circulation.

The boots are recommended for runners, bikers, gym rats after leg days, or anyone working on both feet all day. Compression therapy mainly reduces recovery time, which can help keep you on track with your health goals.

Fluid movement is an important factor for a speedy muscle recovery. After putting pressure on our legs, lower body, or arms, our bodies tend to hold on to fluids which cause soreness. Compression therapy uses air compression in specialized boots to help circulate blood flow in and out of the heart and throughout the rest of your body. This not only speeds up recovery, but can also prevent injuries.

The air compression starts at the feet, followed by the shins all the way up to the quads. This circulation of blood flow allows the swelling and inflammation to go down. Whether you have some swelling from an injury, post workout, maybe you recently ran a race, or simply from being on your feet all day, compression therapy will do the trick.

What does it feel like? Compression therapy is simply a pressurized massage therapy. The sensation feels similar to a blood pressure cuff squeezing your arm. You’ll feel the pressure begin one one localized area then fill and cycle throughout the session. Our compression boots have multiple modes.

  • FDA Approved to reduce muscle soreness and swelling
  • Provides up to 200mmHg of pressure to help decrease swelling
  • Helps athletes with recovery by flushing waste products from muscles into the lymphatic system to be removed from the body
  • Helps increase blood flow to muscles

In addition to Compression Therapy, Weston Medical Health provides Orthopedic rehabilitation programs and treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Balance/Proprioception
  • Passive stretching and joint mobilizations
  • Modalites to decrease swelling and increase circulation and healing times
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